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Ice Cream Online-A Tasteful Halva Ice Cream Recipe Worth Trying Out


Israeli halva is the most common type of halva available, but you may also want to try the Arabic version, which is made from tahini (a paste made from ground, hulled sesame seeds) sweetened with honey or sugar. Arabic halva is exceptionally grainy and crumbly, with sweet shards that melt on the tongue.

Still, the most important ingredient of this recipe is the ice cream, so be sure to buy only the best gourmet ice cream for this kitchen concoction. You can buy your ice cream online from established gourmet ice cream dealers like The Smith Island Baking Co.


Great Reasons to Order Ice Cream Online


Ice Cream has long gone from being just vanilla and chocolate, with new flavors being developed by different makers every day. While these choices are abundant, some may unfortunately be unavailable in your locality. Thankfully, like almost everything, you can choose and order ice cream online. Below are just some advantages of purchasing ice cream online:

  1. Plenty of options.

So you live in the Midwest. There are no mangoes growing there yet you’d like to try mango flavored ice cream; one using fruit with preservatives simply wouldn’t cut it. Good thing you can go online and order from a shop that uses all natural ingredients in their ice cream, and is located in a state where mangoes are abundant. Same goes for flavors that consist of hazelnut, apples, pecans, and more.

  1. The freshest ingredients

Go beyond the ice cream bought in the supermarket. There are plenty specialty shops that accept online orders and deliver anywhere in the country. These shops more often than not put a premium on fresh and natural products, and often produce the ice cream when it is ordered.

  1. Complete convenience

Unless it’s your preference to pick up your order yourself, you don’t have to walk or drive anywhere for you ice cream. There are photos for you to browse when ordering, so no need for window shopping, and your order can be delivered anywhere you like, whether it’s your own home or to the person you’d like to send the ice cream to.