Treat Your Taste Buds to Authentic Mail Order Cakes from Smith Island


Smith Island is the last inhabited island off the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. A little over 200 people live in the island once known as a bustling fishing community. According to locals, Smith Island Cake used to be the popular treat wives would give their husbands before the men left for long fishing trips. Today, the decadent dessert caters to the sweet tooth of people all over America.

While people can purchase quick mail order cakes, the best place to have Smith Island cake is on Smith Island. Fortunately, Smith Island is only a few hours’ drive away from New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.


Make Celebrations with Loved Ones Sweeter, Order a Cake Online Today


People interested in trying the cake for themselves may try and order some cakes online, but nothing beats having authentic Smith Island Cake from the Smith Island Baking Company. Visitors to Smith Island have said that the irresistibly rich cake is well worth the trip to the island, which is only accessible via ferry.

For those who are dying to try the cake, but cannot make it to Smith Island, MD anytime soon, some bakeries in the area do offer nationwide shipping. People on the west coast should immediately order a cake online a few days before it is needed to cover shipping time.

Ice Cream Online-A Tasteful Halva Ice Cream Recipe Worth Trying Out


Israeli halva is the most common type of halva available, but you may also want to try the Arabic version, which is made from tahini (a paste made from ground, hulled sesame seeds) sweetened with honey or sugar. Arabic halva is exceptionally grainy and crumbly, with sweet shards that melt on the tongue.

Still, the most important ingredient of this recipe is the ice cream, so be sure to buy only the best gourmet ice cream for this kitchen concoction. You can buy your ice cream online from established gourmet ice cream dealers like The Smith Island Baking Co.

Order a Birthday Cake-Sensational Ways to Give It that Something Extra


Anyone who has planned a birthday party will agree that many details can be overlooked when planning the perfect party. If you’re in the process of planning, remember that the cake is a main attraction for any party, so don’t forget to order a birthday cake!

If you believe you already have the perfect birthday cake idea in mind, think again. With cakes becoming more elaborate these days to impress partygoers, you’ll have to think outside of the cake box in order to make the delicious dessert memorable.